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Introductory Advertising Rates for the Gordon Gazette

The Gordon Gazette strives to give the most pertinent, accurate and up-to-date local news and sports coverage to the Calhoun-Gordon County community by embracing the future of news generation through online and social media platforms.

With print media dying - declining at a rate of 20-30 percent per year according to Pew Research, and 40 percent of Americans receiving their news online versus just 20 percent by newsprint, online news is the only medium continuing to grow and is extremely effective for advertising, especially through the Gordon Gazette.

With an average Post Reach of more than 107,500 per month and Post Engagements of an average of 100,000 per month, the Gordon Gazette Facebook page is updated hourly throughout the day, beginning at 7 a.m. (unless there is an emergency reason prior to 7 a.m.) and running through 6 p.m. (unless there is an emergency reason after 6 p.m.)

The Gordon Gazette E-Edition is a favorite of many who like the organization of a traditional print newspaper. More than 8,000 people view the E-Edition each issue. Our rates are the best around.

Advertising rates for each medium can be found by clicking the links to the right, or download a printable PDF of our rates by clicking the red button above right.


Get more bang for your buck and call us today at 770-547-1044 for more information on how you can advertise with the Gordon Gazette.

E-Edition Advertising


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